Mindset For Better Connection with The Customer

When do we say Doctor and the medical rep is an incompatible duo? When the mindset of medical rep is not aligned to his customer’s needs, when the HCP doesn’t see the benefits of the rep`s visit. Most of the times there is a submissive monologue of the rep with the HCP. How can a […]

Selfishness Versus Self-Love

I am going to remind us about the learnings from the covid pandemic and the main learning being the attitude to deal with uncertainty and isolation. So, we realised our tremendous potential to adapt and protect ourselves from not only the virus but other perils like inflation, recession layoffs break ups, divorces. Because we realised […]

If You Want a Successful Relationship, Introspect Your Communication

Maintaining a relationship is hard work. In today’s times where people are either unemployed or “very employed” communication suffers. Having said that couples in relationship and who have spoken of a future together are most judgemental about how his or her partner is communicating. Listening to understand your partner is communicating a important message that […]

Low Self Esteem of Either or Both in a Relationship

Low self-esteem is a chronic emotional state of inadequacy, insecurity, and anxiety. A person with low self-esteem gets easily distressed with challenges and rejections. He responds to both with a negative mindskript. To explain this let’s take an example of a couple in a romantic relationship for three years. A 26 yrs. old girl and […]

Fear Of Loneliness, A Faulty Mindscript for Getting into A Relationship

The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) in 2017 studied 6,000 people aged 15-34 years across 19 States, and found that 12% of India’s youth reported feeling depressed often, and about 8% frequently felt lonely Among other factors, isolation, poor physical and mental health, low self-esteem and internet addiction are the key factors responsible for […]

Loneliness Versus Blissfully Alone!

Do you see the rapidly changing scene in romantic relationships in India? The implications of growing up in an “always on” technological environment are only now coming into focus. Recent research has shown dramatic shifts in youth behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles and are surely of concern for healthy relationships. Gen Zers surveyed by McKinsey report the least […]

5 Best Mindset and Soft Skills Training Programs in Mumbai

In the contemporary dynamically changing reality, soft skills and mindset training plays a critical role in personal development as well. Being a vibrant city, Mumbai has numerous programs to cultivate these skills. 5 best mindset and soft skills programs in Mumbai take a look. 1. Leadership Excellence Programs These programs are designed for people who […]

Navigating Workplace Stress: The Role of Counselling Services for Professionals

Life throws punches. Relationships, job stress, loss – sometimes the weight feels unbearable. But you don’t have to fight alone. Counselling services offer a safe haven to unburden your soul and step into a brighter future. Think of it as a confidential space to unpack your emotional baggage, not be “fixed.” It’s about exploring your […]

4 Strategies for Good Mental Health and Wellness

More than ever before, in our busy and highly technological society it is crucial to pay attention to maintaining mental health care. With the growing attention to mental health, a number of approaches can be implemented that will help maintain healthy and balanced mood. Here are five practical strategies to support your mental health and […]

Empowering Salesforce in Mumbai: Elevate Your Success with Specialized Training

Outstanding sales talent is critical in the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai, where business acumen is as varied as the city itself. Organizations are using specialized Salesforce training programs to empower their salesforces and gain a competitive edge in order to meet this demand head-on. Tailored Training for Mumbai’s Dynamic Market: At Mindskripts, salesforce training in […]