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We use Rational Emotive behavioural therapy (REBT)  powerful psychotherapy proven for achieving goals, in our trainings,  to help change negative stories/responses/scripts created by the mind to practical scripts for action and results.

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Boost Your Selling Skills with Mindskripts

For corporates
Trainings to achieve growth & success
Self-awareness of mindscripts
Changing limiting mindscripts
Creating new mindscripts
with REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural therapy )
Sales force
REBT based Mindset Training for sales success
to create a mind script that builds a connect with the customer and fetches business results .
Skills training to master the art of selling.

REBT based training programs
for brand managers to create communication strategies that achieve desired customer behaviours.

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our values
Communicate with precision but in a win-win manner.
Courage to handle rejections and experience growth through failures.
Balance emotions with logic and experience for happiness.

Key Highlights

Trained 15,000+ reps & 200+ front line managers

Women empowerment in corporates using REBT

Hospital staff using REBT

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