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Revolutionizing Personal Growth through REBT in India

Mindskripts is a company with a team of trainers who are behavioral experts certified in REBT(Rational emotive behavioural therapy) The company offers training, counselling and marketing solutions.
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MIND before SKILLs approach to all training
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Our REBT Approach in India

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Our Mission
Help your mind write your script for success.
planned growth in business
Our Vision
Help more and more people, create script for personal growth and success.
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Why Mindskripts?

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Transformative Personal Growth with Mindskripts

Mindskripts partners with you to create YOUR SCRIPT FOR SUCCESS

When you create negative stories (perceptions and attitudes) you choose a behaviour that doesnt yield a positive outcome.

Example when a sales person calls on a demanding customer and he is treated rudely, the sales person assumes that he is not capable of handling such customers and feels frustrated and totally avoids such customers. 

So as you can see a negative mindscript of the sales persons has made him avoid the customer and thus he has  lost on the opportunity to convert the customer.

Mindskripts partners with you to challenge such negative stories or scripts  and write a balanced script of logic and appropriate emotions  to  get the desired results ! 

MindSkripts Founder & Director Ms. Vidyut Kanekar

Ms. Vidyut Kanekar

Founder & Director

Ms. Vidyut Kanekar

15 years of experience as sales training head of a leading pharma company and 12 years experience in medico-marketing,makes her an expert in understanding what and how of messaging and  how to empower the man communicating the message to the customer.

Postgraduate in Pharmacy and training lead of renowned Phamaceutical company,besides being REBT certified in counseling, Vidyuts experience and expertise lies in modifying beliefs/mindscripts of people in order that they achieve goals.

She believes in the use of REBT(Rational emotive behavioural therapy) for all her training interventions to change faulty thinking patterns/beliefs or mindsets that limits useful actions to practical scripts that gets people to hone new skills and adapt new knowledge.

She believes that the only way to ensure behavioural change is to make the trainees believe in self-empowerment.

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