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How REBT can help a sales person deal with stress

Lets look at how REBT can help a sales person deal with stress 

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You will agree that all of us face some challenges daily. They could be personal, professional, financial, health or just the nature of our job.

 A salespersons  job for example is full of daily rejections and the fear of not achieving their targets is always lurking in back of his mind.

If a sales person reacts to his daily rejections in his sales calls emotionally, he may  feel frustrated and may habitually engage in negative self talk like “I am worthless, these customers are awful, I cant stand my job, If I don’t achieve this months target I am a total failure!

This is common and could happen at any stage of the sales career, probably more in the early or start of the career. Sales reps who say they cant cope up with the stress of the job don’t know the difference between eustress (the useful stress) and distress (the distress that stops action)

According to Rational Emotive behavioural therapy (REBT) by Dr Albert Ellis, our thoughts, emotions, and behavior are connected.

In order to understand the impact of events and situations that people encounter throughout life, it’s essential to look at the beliefs we hold about these experiences and the emotions that arise as a result of those beliefs.

Like in the above example of the sales rep his core belief was demandingness (I must not be rejected by the customer and if I am rejected I am not good enough and that makes a total failure in achieving my target)

The main goal of REBT is to help people respond rationally (usefully, practically, logically) to situations that would typically cause stress, depression, or other negative feelings. When faced with this type of situation in the future, the emotionally healthy response would be to realize that it is not realistic to expect success immediately and that rejcetions are a part of life, however it teaches you and grows you to do things differently in order to see a different response from the customer, provided ypu change your negative script to a practical one

The three main beliefs of REBT are:

  • You are worthy of self-acceptance no matter what even when you struggle or make mistakes; there is no need for shame or guilt.
  • Others are also worthy of acceptance, even when their behavior involves something that you don’t like
  • Negative things/rejections  will sometimes happen in life, and that doesn’t mean that things are happening in a way they shouldn’t be.
  • Life is not positive all of the time, and there’s no logical reason to expect it to be

In summary I want to say it is all about how you work or your confidence that matters and REBT is a powerful psychological tool to change your negative scripts  to action oriented scripts

Wishing you all sales persons out there a cheerful day no matter what !

Vidyut Kanekar

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